A New School Year: How to Help Your Child Start 2021 Right

Oakleigh Grammar Back To School

The summer school holidays are a time for your children to relax, socialise and of course recharge for the new school year ahead. With Term 1 just around the corner and after such an unprecedented time in 2020, it would be a great idea to start thinking about the return to school so your child can begin the year the right way. We know getting back into a school routine after a couple of months off can be difficult, so we’ve gathered some helpful back to school tips and how you can set your child up for success this year.

Establish a routine

Early rises and bedtimes, full days of learning and homework are part of a typical day of school however are not observed within the holidays. After a mostly unstructured summer, getting back into the swing of a school routine can be challenging. Instead of getting back to it on the first day of school, why not start preparing them now. Perhaps you could being by altering their bed times and wake ups, or reserve time in the evening for reading or educational activities to help prepare them for in-school learning and homework.


Organise time to spend with new and old school friends

Get your child off to a head start in developing friendships by organising playdates with other students in their class. Although they may not be in the same class as their friends from last year, a new class of students is a new group of potential friends. Remind your child that friendship groups may have shifted and that’s okay, and ensure they are open to change and making new friends.


Encourage independence and good learning habits

Help your child take responsibility for their own learning and getting themselves organised for the school day. Encourage them to pack their school bag and lunchbox the night before, or even make their own bed in the morning. Foster independence by trying not to do anything that they can do themselves. Do the same with their learning habits by supporting them to set small and achievable educational goals. Get them to feel confident about their own learning by organising a homework schedule. Lastly, ensure they are up to date with due dates and school events by clearly displaying the school calendar at home.


Be positive and uphold open communication

Pre-school nerves are very common for both parents and children after the long summer holidays. It is vital to openly communicate with your child and talk regularly about school before the first day. By encouraging your children to talk about it, you will ensure they feel comfortable asking you questions and telling you how they feel. It is important to be positive about the year ahead as this will help them reduce their worries about going back to school. It is also important to communicate with the school and build relationships with your teachers. Start by attending any key information and orientation events, read the school handbooks and look out for the first issue of Grammar News to keep up to date with what’s happening around the school.

We hope these tips will be useful for you and your child, and we wish you all the very best for the new school year. Enjoy the final days of the holidays and we are looking forward to seeing you at the gates of Oakleigh Grammar!

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