The 8th Greek Student Film Festival

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Year 6 and 8 students participated in the creation of three films that were entered in the 8th Greek Student Film Festival this year.

The Greek Student Film Festival offered students the opportunity to use the Greek language in creative and innovative ways, while simultaneously encouraging the maintenance of the Greek culture.  Participants were encouraged to interpret the topic as creatively as they wished, and each short film had to be within a 5 minute time limited.

The topic for this year’s competition was to embody ‘A Journey’. Students also had to meet the prescribed structure and use an item of significance, with this year’s item being a leaf, with students having to include the item any way they would like.

Out of the three amazing films that were submitted, we had an incredible achievement with two teams winning awards!

Year 6 students Sotiris Bakalis, Konstantin Fouki, Paris Gerantidis, Vas Michaelides, Dean Alabournos, Theofilos Romanidis and Areti Andreou, created the film “Travelling in the Past” (Ταξίδι στο παρελθόν). The film is about a group of students who have decided to escape from school, but they end up going back in the past where they a met with by a very strict teacher.  This film won the 1st Prize – Primary School Category!

Year 8 students Maria Andreou, Jonathan Daoulas, Louka Bauzon, Paraskevi Zapantzis and Angelos, created the film “We Travel for New Experiences!” (Ταξιδεύοντας για νέες εμπειρίες!).  The film is about three students who have finished Primary School, and they are getting ready for their new journey in High School. This film won the 1st Prize – Secondary School Category!

We want to congratulate all the students who participated at the 8th Greek Student Film Festival.  Their effort was amazing! A special thanks goes to Mrs Spanos for coordinating the three groups and to Mr Harbis for his technical support.



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