Year 7 Excursion to ACMI – Melbourne Writer’s Festival

On Monday, Year 7 students attended a talk at Deakin Edge in Federation Square called “Hashtags and Digital Lives”, which was held by authors Oliver Phammovanh and Gabrielle Williams, as part of this year’s Melbourne Writer’s Festival.

The authors discussed the impacts of social media on society, and through their own experiences of releasing books, students gained insight into the perspective of an author on how releasing a book is similar to posting online, as you “put yourself out there.”

While it’s easy posting something negative online, we need to remember that there are real people on the other side of the computer who may be reading your comments. If you have nothing nice or constructive to say – don’t say it at all!

The hosts also discussed the creative processes that go into writing a book, and opened the floor for students to ask questions, and to meet them afterwards.

Traveling to the city via train was a great experience for our Year 7 students, practicing train etiquette, and learning how to use MyKi machines for the first time. It was a fantastic day overall, which we all enjoyed.

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