Year 5 Leadership Workshop

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This morning Year 5 students were welcomed into the Arrowsmith Centre by representatives from Values for Life, an organisation specialising in engaging and empowering young minds. Students took part in the Lead the Way Program, where they were prompted to think and act like leaders through a series of games.

The aim of the program was to show students that every individual can make a difference no matter their strengths or weaknesses. Small ideas can contribute to the big picture!

Teachers were also supplied with a resource manual in order to incorporate some of the ideas into the curriculum moving forward.

Students walked away with a better idea of what makes up a good leader. Instead of who is the best public speaker, or who’s the fastest runner, it’s the students who listen to others and are empathetic, who are best suited to lead their peers.

With these skills now in their arsenal, we filled the students with a greater understanding of leadership as they commence the end of their journey in the Junior School.


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