Year 4 Camp – Student Reflections

Year 4 Camp – Student Reflections

Recount by Yianni Romanidis 4T

Camp was so awesome! I wish I could have stayed longer. It was called Lake Dewar.

Lake Dewar had pretty much everything. Adventure Tunnelling, Flying Fox, Kayaking, Canoeing, The Amazing race and Survival challenge.

All of them were great, but I enjoyed Adventure Tunnelling the best because it involved teamwork. For example, we had to pour water and block the holes of the big container to get the key out to open the trap door. I was the safety guard.

Another great activity was the Flying Fox. I was scared at first, but when I went on it, I realised that I had suddenly conquered my fear. It was amazing and the view was glorious. The gorge was surrounded by nature and loads of stunning landscape. Camp was an amazing and interesting experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to go again.


Recount by Indie Chrystie

This year’s camp was amazing! I had the best time ever!

I was going to Lake Dewar for three days and two nights. At first I thought it was going to be like a holiday but it turned out to have a lot of educational activities, such as, ‘The Survival Challenge,’ which involved cooking damper, as well as, building huts that were waterproof. I was in a cabin with Eleftherios. Thank God! I don’t really like sleeping with lots of people.

Our very first activity was Adventure Tunnelling. This was my third favourite activity because we all synergised and worked as a team to escape out of the cement tunnels. At the end, I got drenched by everybody who was trying to block the holes so that the water buckets could fill up the container to get the key.

My second favourite activity was Kayaking. I liked this because I got to do this boating activity individually. I even got to have a swim in the late at the very end.

My favourite activity was the Dual Flying Fox. It’s about 200 metres above ground. I did it twice with Eleftherios and spun around in circles saying, “I can do this!”

When we got back from camp, I had a spider at Vanilla with my mum and brother. I facetimed my dad at work and then went home.

I had an EXTREMELY fun time, and I might book a holiday there one day.


Recount by Ava Smirnakos of 4T

A few days ago, the Year 4s went on camp to Lake Dewar. Everyone was super excited to try new activities and to learn how to become responsible. Our bus departed from the school at 9.30 am and we arrived at Lake Dewar at around 11.00-11.30 am.

First, we listened to the instructors telling us important information about the camp. They also informed us of what we can and cannot do, during our free time. Next, we settled into our cabins and then we had lunch.

I was in Group 4 and our first activity was Archery. I found Archery quite fun. We played a game where all the different colours on the target were pizza toppings. Each topping was worth one point and the team who got the most points, won. My team lost!

Our second activity was Survivor Challenge. This was SUPER FUN! First, we made damper. It took quite a while to fully cook, so you had to be very patient. My damper was DELICIOUS! I had it half plain and half with butter. Next, we built huts. Our group was split up into teams and we were judged on creativity, and how water resistant it was. Our instructor poured water on top of our huts with us huddled inside so that she could see how wet we would get. I GOT DRENCHED! I had so much fun at Survivor Challenge.

The next day we had four activities. My two favourite activities were the Adventure Tunnels and the Dual Flying Fox. My first choice out of the two activities was the Adventure Tunnels. The Adventure Tunnelling involved a lot of teamwork skills. We were all in a long, straight line, trying to solve challenges and quests to get to the Fountain of Youth in order to get the key to escape the tunnels. I was second in the line and Nicholas was first. I loved the Adventure Tunnels.

My other favourite activity was the Dual Flying Fox. You got to go with a partner so I went with Mattea. At first, I was so scared and when the instructor asked who wanted to go next, I was saying to Mattea, “Don’t put your hand up.” But of course, Mattea wanted me to do it so that I wouldn’t regret it, if I didn’t do it, so she put up her hand and shouted, “We’ll go!” We had to climb up to the top and get strapped on to the line. I was soooo scared but when the lady did the countdown, I said to myself, ‘If I don’t do it, I’ll regret it.’ So I shut my eyes and jumped off. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! I yelled with happiness as I flew through the air. I ended up having so much fun, that I went on it again with Mattea and we raced. I won! I had SOOOOO MUCH FUN AT THE YEAR 4 CAMP!!!!!!

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