Year 11 Camp – Student Recount

Year 11 Camp – Student Recount

After a whole day of tiresome sport and academia, we set off from Oakleigh Grammar at approximately 4:30pm, to start our journey to our accommodation in Shoreham. We arrived at camp a mere half an hour after our teacher Mr Phillips did so, and soon after we started the awesome and awe inspiring BBQ headed by our culinary connoisseur, Mr Phillips as well as expert Chefs, Christina Gougoussis and Nick Agiazis with help from Tomas Smith.

After the mountain of meat was cooked, we all tucked into to an immense feast of burgers and admired the beautiful natural scenery around us. That night there were a handful of lucky people who got some sleep, but most got very minimal sleep – this did include the teachers. Due to this slight hiccup, the next day many students were tired and grumpy. On

Thursday we were down at the beach for a whole day, sea kayaking and playing beach games. For most, the sea kayaking was the most physically exhausting thing about the day besides the long hike to the beach. The sun that day made us so tired that by the time we got back to camp we were half asleep already.

On Thursday evening we had a guest speaker come to talk to us about career tactics and choices. This presenter had very good insight into the world of work and she gave us advice that all of us will take on-board.

On the Final day, we visited a chair lift down the mountain at Arthur’s seat as well as having lunch by the sea in Dromana. After this laid back day we eventually returned back to school just in time to finish.

Tomas Smith
Year 11A

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