Year 10-12 Careers Morning Tea

This morning our Senior School students were introduced to two successful business people in their own rights, Peter Hitchener, Channel 9 broadcaster and Michelle Bonney, entrepreneur.

Brilliant journalist and genuine all round nice guy, Peter Hitchener took students on his journey through the ranks of Channel 9, and how important it is to have a great team that surrounds you. This creates seamless lines of communication, and also a fun environment to work in.

His infectious nature brought out a joyous energy in the room, and students felt confident enough to ask a few cheeky questions before he finished up. Some even added him on Snap Chat!

Michelle has a vast entrepreneurial background, and preached to students the importance of thinking laterally when at first they don’t succeed.

While Michelle considered herself a bright student, her marks were not reflective of this. Her competitive and determined nature ensured she took the right steps to mould her career path into that of a raving success, including several tertiary degrees from RMIT.

Perhaps one of the highlights from her presentation was the idea that actions should be greater than motivation. Regardless of whether your mind wants to do something, you need to complete the hard tasks for motivation to follow.

We thank Peter and Michelle for taking the time to speak to our Senior School students, and Clayton McDonalds for providing a delicious spread. We hope the students took some advice away from the morning tea, which will help them throughout their studies in the near future.

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