Year 1 Excursion to Como House

Last week our Year 1 classes took an excursion to Como House and Garden in South Yarra, to learn more about how families lived in the olden days.

The Year 1’s are studying Family: Then and Now as part of their inquiry topic, and took part in four different activities across the day.

Students were taken on a tour inside Como House where they walked around the ballroom, living room and bedrooms.

They enjoyed olden day games such as tug of war, egg and spoon races, sack races, quoits and skipping.

They learnt about the responsibilities of servants and walked through their quarters, and were given the opportunity to complete some of their chores; washing clothes, serving drinks, ringing different bells, and received a tour of the kitchen.

Students were then asked to solve a mystery at Como House, who broke the doll?! They used a map to find numbered clues and solved the case!

All of the students had a fantastic day with their teachers, instructors and parent helpers.

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