Utilising a Vision Board

It all starts with a great idea! We all have aspirations and goals, whether it be travel, family or business, and a vision board can be used to stimulate motivation and help you maintain focus on your specific objective.

So where do you start? Choose the place you want your vision board to be displayed, somewhere you’ll see it a lot, above your desk is a great spot if you have one! You can stick things straight on the wall, use a cork board/whiteboard or just a piece of paper, take your pick! Ideally you’ll pick a spot that you look at every morning and night. You could even laminate it and stick it in the shower.

Then the fun begins! Find images that inspire you, and that are relevant to the goal you’re trying to achieve. Pinterest is a great place to start, it enables you to search and save beautiful stock images for free. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, why not create it? Using Canva is a simple way to create motivational quotes or imagery that really speaks to your cause! Even shabby notes you write to yourself are an authentic addition to your board.

Remember to look at it regularly, and spend time imagining those things coming true and how they will affect your life when they do. These positive thoughts will help you to manifest seeing our goals through. There’s no excuses, start today!

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