Turning Your Hobby into a Business

Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough to have a passion for something, you can turn it into a money spinning success! The toughest part is knowing where to start…

Observing a void in the marketplace is the first step to setting yourself up for success. If your product or skill is missing, start brainstorming ways in which you could implement it in the best way.

Practice makes perfect. They say you need to do something for 10,000 hours before you master it, but if you want to dive in straight away, feedback may speed up the process! Research your consumer and get real responses from your target market to see how you could improve or modify your product or plan. Continue to test and refine until you’re both happy with the result.

Build your brand using social media to promote your content. Make sure you’re utilising all 30 hashtags available to you, in order to cast your net as wide as possible. This will also help you establish a voice and “vibe” for your product or services.

Putting in the hard yards and being patient, the last and possibly most important step. Back your vision, be prepared to tweak it, and enjoy seeing it come to life!