Tips for staying healthy on a busy schedule

Tips for staying healthy on a busy schedule

For many of us, eating healthy has become a chore. It’s as dreaded as Monday morning, or that big pile of washing sitting in the corner of your bedroom.

What if we told you it didn’t have to be that way? No ridiculous meal prep, no self-loathing, regret or buying your lunch from the kebab store down the street. Yes to small changes, to nourishing your body, to filling and delicious meals, to quick and easy.

Firstly, change your perspective on what a healthy lifestyle really means. There’s no secret diet or exercise that’s going to make you the best version of you. Instead of saying “I’m starting a new diet on Monday”, try to change that to “I’m beginning my journey to a healthier lifestyle, a healthier me”. How sustainable is it to stick to these strict plans and the idea of a diet? You’ve immediately set yourself up to fail if you think that Jenny Craig can change you.

Secondly, simple meal preparation is key. No more bought lunches! Instead healthier versions of the food you love to eat. Toast with butter and jam for breakfast? Try wholemeal bread with Avocado for a good dose of fibre and healthy fats. Easy to make and much more filling!

Burger for lunch? Try a homemade open burger. All you need is your meat patty, some lettuce leaves or spinach, avocado, tomato, beetroot (and whatever other veggies you love), a slice of low fat cheese and an egg on top. Super simple to create (just slice up your ingredients) and can be made in bulk for dinner and lunches for the week. You get a great source of protein from your egg and meat, plus loads of goodness from all those veggies!

When it comes to dinner, the simpler the better. Try a grilled meat with steamed veggies or a salad and some brown rice. Chuck in some extra pieces of meat and boil another cup of brown rice and voila, you’ve got lunch for the next two days already sorted!

Thirdly, there are no cheat meals! There doesn’t have to be a set day or name for when you give in to normal human craving and eat a donut or more indulgent foods. Being healthy is all about balance, treat yourself once in a while and enjoy it when you do.

Our final advice is to surround yourself with good influences, with people and environments that make you happy and make you want to be the best version of yourself. Social media allows us to create connections all over the world, so why not discover some bloggers that can help you maintain your healthy lifestyle and choices? Not only do these bloggers offer constant support, but also great ideas on easy meal preparation, simple recipes, exercise and so on!

Our favourite bloggers are listed below if you would like to check them out:

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