The Leader in Me – Term 2 is “High on the Habits”

The Leader in Me – Term 2 is “High on the Habits”

We are travelling full speed ahead towards achieving The Leader in Me Lighthouse status in August. One of the key audit criteria under Measurable Data is effective goal setting, for both students and staff.

Term 2 is definitely “High on the Habits”, with focus being on establishing our classroom and individual WIGs: Wildly Important Goals – those vital few goals that must be reached in order to successful at school and personally. We teach our students to set goals in literacy, numeracy, behaviour and leadership. Academic WIGs are displayed in each classroom.

Involving students in setting their own WIGs yields powerful results. A WIG is expressed in a statement that is specific, measurable, relevant, measurable and timely. For example, “I will learn all my multiplication tables from 6’s to 12’s by the end of Term 2”.  Teachers collaborate with students to ensure everyone understands what they need to do to achieve their goal, who and what will assist them and then track their progress on their individual and class proformas. Students are encouraged to choose how they will celebrate when they reach their goals.

In this manner students are proactive by taking charge of their learning and understanding that developing a strong work ethos is a key habit that is vital in achieving WIGS.

Ask your children what their academic WIGS are for Term 2 and what they will do to achieve them. Assist them if you can. We have a wonderful learning journey ahead of us. Teachers are setting their own professional and personal goals too and modelling best practice to their students. Perhaps you would like to set your own WIG too and in that way demonstrate to your children the value of goal setting as a family!

Finally, please enjoy this wonderful poem writing by Olga Pavlovic in Year 4T on the importance of paradigms and being a leader…


TAKE CHARGE by Olga Pavlovic

It is easy to understand failure.
But it is a whole different game
To actually take responsibility.
Instead of passing the blame,
Reflect on the past.
Realize that if you don’t take charge,
The chances are,
you’ll finish last!

Leadership Facilitator

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