Starting your school year the right way

Starting your school year the right way

Starting school . . . . understanding your child’s behaviour
Beginning school, starting a new school, or just moving into the next year level, involves big changes and challenges for young people. Students often feel excited about the prospect of starting school or they may be sad or upset about leaving behind the secure environment they know so well. Starting a new school involves building new relationships with other children and teachers. Understanding and assisting your child to handle the feelings associated with starting school will help to reduce their stress. Parents and carers should assist their child to develop positive coping strategies. See this link for more ideas and information; https://www.kidsmatter.edu.au/families/starting-school/3-understanding-behaviour

Supporting your child’s learning
Get involved with your child’s learning! Support your child’s learning at school by expressing an interest in what they did that day at school. Ask a few reflective questions to get the conversation going e.g. what did you learn in Science today? . . . . what bits did you find interesting? . . . . . what makes you say that? . . . . etc. Your active involvement in supporting them at homework time, modelling reading, helping your child to effectively use the internet for research, being a creative influence if your child is reluctant to get involved with a project, all matters and will make a difference to your child’s learning! Value learning at home! For top Literacy and Numeracy tips for parents see: http://education.qld.gov.au/literacyandnumeracy/pdf/factsheet-l-n.pdf

Healthy body . . . . Healthy mind
By the time children have reached school age they are often making independent choices about what they would like to eat. At school, they are particularly influenced by their friends and popular trends. This is an important time for parents and carers to discuss and encourage healthy food habits. Healthy diet and exercise assists students to cope with the rigours of school life and learning. For more information about involving your son or daughter in healthy eating choices go to: https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/healthy-eating-school-lunches

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