Senior School

The Senior School presents opportunities to progress towards young adult life. Responsibility for one’s own behaviour and learning become more important as students consolidate their learning styles and identify their strengths and challenges. As young citizens of a complex and demanding global community, they are encouraged to view problems as opportunities for growth. Cultural, artistic and physical expressions of a holistic education are firmed.

Considerations about the future and students’ roles and preferences are encouraged. Opportunities for work experience and practical applications of learning are plentiful. Careers advice is an important element of this phase.

The focus of academic learning at this stage is on achievement at VCE level and the fulfilment of individual academic potential. Students are assisted to establish priorities and work patterns that maximise VCE outcomes as well as prepare them for future academic success at University or other tertiary studies.

As students progress through the Senior School, they are able to undertake extension studies. In Year 10, students can study VCE Units in Language and other subjects.

Students are challenged to understand and clarify their individual beliefs and moral code.  They develop an understanding of the importance of role modelling to younger students.

Leadership within year levels and of the student body are the responsibility of all Senior students. Students explore habits of effective and healthy adult life and are encouraged to venture into the world as happy, accomplished, well-adjusted and contributing people.