Principal Congratulates Class of 2017

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I am pleased to report that the results of our Graduating Class of 2017 were strong and our students overall performed to their potential. During the course of their education our 2017 students have shown personal attributes of commitment and effort across all learning areas.

A special congratulations to our Dux Eirini Souli (93.9) who commenced her studies at Oakleigh Grammar in Year 10. Eirini faced the double challenge of both starting a new school and learning a new language after moving from Greece to Australia. Eirini is planning to study at the University of Melbourne or in the UK next year to pursue her interest in criminology and law.

Our high achieving students included Phillip Di Meo (93.05) who hopes to study Science/Engineering at Monash University and Periklis Stamatakos (92.25) who hopes to study Science at Melbourne University. Christina Katatrioti (90.3) who will pursue her interest in graphic design possibly at RMIT and Sophia Thompson (90.25) who aims to complete an Arts degree at Monash and then pursue a career in law.

Over 12.5 % of the Year 12 cohort achieved study scores in a number of subjects greater than or equal to 40. The VCE teaching staff at Oakleigh Grammar work closely with each and every student to support and assist them, not only in acquiring the necessary knowledge but also to grow as individuals. They are integral to achieving such successful results.

Although we tend to focus on students who obtain high ATAR scores I wish to recognise all of our VCE students who achieved or exceeded their own goals through the year. As an open-entry school of Christian Orthodox Faith our objective is to provide a learning environment that will allow our students to follow pathways of their choice to reflect their aptirudes and skills.

Congratulations are extended to all VCE students and their families and I look forward to our new Alumni members joining with us in support of our great School.


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