Prayers for the families of the victims of the Orlando terror attack

OakleighGrammer829The worst mass shooting in modern US history has rocked the foundation of the fundamental human right to  Freedom – the very value the Western World has fought so hard to protect. This attack by a lone terrorist was an attack on human beings. Oakleigh Grammar joins the chorus of condemnation of the killing of innocent people. Our Community will always demonstrate solidarity against those who wish to undermine the very values that we cherish – freedom and democracy.

Within our School our students are encouraged to express their views respectfully  and  grasp the opportunities of a free and expressive society. Our mandate must be in the form of Hope for a world society of peace and harmony and our ‘ hope’ will never be thwarted by acts of hatred, evil intent and violence. As Australians we must stand in solidarity with the people of the United States in condemnation of this horrific attack.

The thoughts and prayers of the Oakleigh Grammar community are with all of the affected victims families during their time of grief.

God Bless America.

God Bless Australia.

God Bless all of those people who stand firmly in favour of our core values of Democracy and Freedom.

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