Antigone Gougoussis – Class of 2012

Antigone Gougoussis – Class of 2012

Antigone Gougoussis started at Oakleigh Grammar in the year 2000 and graduated in 2012.


She was nominated as the 2015 Alumni of the Year for her excellence both during her time at Oakleigh Grammar and since leaving Oakleigh Grammar.


“It actually means a lot to me. To hear how highly a past teacher thinks of me was so humbling and made me slightly emotional. I feel honoured to be the Alumni of the Year.”

Fondest memory: My fondest memories were all the times I spent with my friends and teachers at school. I feel as if the relationships we built with each other were extremely close and we were always there to support each other through the good and difficult times.


Qualifications: I am currently in the third year of my undergraduate degree and have one year left. I am studying a Bachelor of Environments at the Melbourne University and I’m majoring in Architecture.


Proudest accomplishment since leaving Oakleigh Grammar: I feel as though I’ve achieved unimaginable goals at university. I’ve constantly been challenged within the past three years in the design studios I’ve taken and learnt so many new skills which I continue to apply throughout my degree and can use in future work environments. I’m really proud of how far I’ve come not only in my technical abilities, but also in my confidence to push myself and achieve goals.


Occupation: I have made many good connections through networking and have been working very close with a university mentor and friend. I am currently in contact with an architecture firm to receive work with them mid next year regarding 3d modelling for various commercial and residential projects.


Field of interest: I have always been interested in design. Although I’m currently studying architecture, I have gained interest Environmental and Sustainable Design (ESD), construction and landscape design, so these newer interests may influence the career path I take.


Motivation: I’ve always been a creative person but also slightly mathematical and logical. After taking Visual Communication and Design as a VCE subject in Year 11, it was clear to me that I really enjoyed design and I became interested in architecture.


A day in the life…

As a full time university student, a standard day involves going to lectures, tutorials and studios 3-4 days a week. The rest of my time is spent studying and designing but also trying to balance my social life with friends and making sure I get breaks I can enjoy and get away from work for a little bit. Uni life is a constant juggling act between studying and socialising. It’s important to try and get that balance right even though it can be really hard at times.