Parishioners Advice

Parishioners Advice

On behalf of the Board of Management we sincerely feel blessed to advise that our Community’s most beloved jewel Oakleigh Grammar is destined for further blessings with the announcement of the extended tenure for a very long term of our esteemed and most respected Principal Mr Mark Robertson, indeed “AXIOS”.

Mr Robertson has been a magnificent leader since 2011 raising enrolments from 450 to over 900 this present day. Importantly throughout this time maintain our Community’s pillars of Orthodoxy and Hellenism.

Today Oakleigh Grammar is renown and respected brand here and abroad.

Indeed, an amazing transformation and achievement and one perhaps the late Reverent Father Nicholas Moutafis foresaw when he told all “Enroll your children as the day will come when some will miss out”. That day has come with waiting lists building.

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