Over parenting

Over parenting

The problem is “helicopter parenting” which is defined by a parent’s will to “engineer” a particular outcome in their child.

-not allowing a 12yo child to attend an age – appropriate movie with a group of friends without an adult
-finishing kid’s assignment
-concierge parents who make life as comfortable as possible for their children
-Focus on Grades and nothing else

Consequences include:
-more depression and anxiety in our children

Self-awareness and confidence are developed through a mastery of basic problem – solving skills [ often found in everyday life tasks]. When we allow our kids to act for themselves [ drawing up boundaries and giving guidance and love along the way ] they develop the confidence and compassion that they need to be successful adults.

Success is not all about obtaining straight ‘A’s.

Success occurs as a culmination of emotional, problem – solving and intellectual skills that are largely learned during childhood..

There are two best things that parents can do for their kids to help them become successful adults:
1. – Give them chores
2. -Teach them love

Written by a Stanford Dean [extract only]

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