Oakleigh Grammar Theme 2017 – ‘Resilience’

Oakleigh Grammar Theme 2017 – ‘Resilience’

A healthy mind is the aspiration for all members of the Oakleigh Grammar community in 2017. The research is unequivocal in relation to young people and mindset – far too many young people are suffering mental health issues. It is the responsibility of adults and in particular, Schools to address this issue as best we can within our School communities. At Oakleigh Grammar, we will strive to learn collectively that a healthy mind is imperative to the development of all students both academically and for character growth. Our focus will be uniquely developed within our own School Community drawing from successful programs such ‘positive education and the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective people’.

The value system of our school is unashamedly based on Christian doctrine and principles. A healthy mind will assist our students to contexualise negative experiences and not ‘overplay’ them in their minds. Our challenge as a School will be to embed the ‘mindset’ of healthy thinking in all phases of our School; catering for our youngest learners in the ELC to our aspiring graduates. The commitment from our Leadership team and staff overall will be critical to our success and as Principal, I am confident of our ambition.

Challenges in ‘life’ are part of real living. Resiliency from our perspective, is the ability to cope with the downward pressures of life and turn them around in one’s mindset to obtain a positive outcome. Understanding our thinking patterns with reflection opportunities on a regular basis is an important strategy for our community to use. Our students beliefs about themselves is a focal point and the more positive their own self belief is then the more successful they will be in establishing resilient responses to lifes experiences.

Support of peers, staff and parents will play a vital role is assisting our students to develop the confidence necessary to develop the mindset we are seeking for them. As a ‘7 Habits’ school we always start with the personal victory which begins with Habit 1: to be proactive. Ultimately, we wish for Oakleigh Grammar students to ‘thrive’ in all facets of their lives.


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