Oakleigh Grammar Principal is Here to Stay

Oakleigh Grammar Principal is Here to Stay

During Oakleigh Grammar’s Annual Leadership Day, President of the Board of Management, Mr Angelo Sardellis announced the Community’s beloved Principal’s ongoing tenure as Head of our School.

“The progress of our School is attributable to the exemplary and inspiring leadership of our Principal Mark Robertson.  Mark is an outstanding educator who has provided outstanding leadership at a time of enormous change. I am delighted to convey the Board’s overall joy that we have assured a long-term partnership with Mark Robertson. Mark has had a profound impact on educational leadership and is the right person to continue to oversee Oakleigh Grammar’s transformation. I would like to add my own personal congratulations to Mark,” Mr Sardellis remarked.

Our Principal was appointed in December 2010 and joined a Board of Management who were passionate about their Community and School. The relationship between the Board and Principal quickly developed into an enduring partnership.  This partnership that would see much courage in decision making included a re-brand of our School and a will and determination to provide a leaning environment and culture that would be unique, contemporary and importantly Community focussed.

Mr Robertson has an extensive background in education, and his key priority has always been on improving the learning journey for each student under his care. He has devoted his time to School Strategic Planning reflecting passion for student success and well-being. His passion for making a difference for young people in a culturally diverse world is reflected in his support of various prestigious learning programs in schools, including the Leader in Me Process and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) at Oakleigh Grammar.

He is currently on the Board of The Centre for Strategic Education [CSE], immediate past President of the Eastern Independent Schools of Melbourne Sporting Association [EISM] and serves on the Executive of the Australian Heads of Independent Schools Association [AHISA]. He is also the former President of the Australian Council for Education Leaders [ACEL] and was previously inducted as a Fellow of this Council. Mr Robertson is also a Fellow of the Williamson Community Leadership Project under the auspices of Leadership Victoria.

Mr Robertson has been a leader in a variety of school environments, but none quite as unique as Oakleigh Grammar’s. “It’s the warm, community driven atmosphere in addition to its unique blend of world renowned programs that sets Oakleigh Grammar apart,” he remarks.

Six years down the track Oakleigh Grammar is both locally and internationally recognised for its educational programs, enrolments have doubled with waiting lists at the majority of year levels. The school’s focus on neuro-science, character development and thought leadership has transformed Oakleigh Grammar into a School of Choice in Melbourne.

“I am delighted to have the full confidence and support of the Board which reflects our strong relationship and is recognised by the significant School Improvement agenda over the past 6 years. We now look forward to further strengthening the educational and cultural development of our School with a continuing and long term partnership for the overall advancement and reputational enhancement of Oakleigh Grammar,” he says.

School Improvement is marked by key events and importantly by key people and relationships and this sentiment is reflected in the success story of Oakleigh Grammar.

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