Oakleigh Grammar Goes Package Free in November

Oakleigh Grammar Goes Package Free in November

Oakleigh Grammar’s Junior School has made a pledge to the cause No Packet November and will be encouraging all students to bring packet and wrapper free lunches to school all month.

No Packet November (NPN) aims to teach students that real food is grown, not made in factories. Foods covered with bright plastic packaging are double the rubbish – plastic on the outside and artificial rubbish on the inside!

“We aim to encourage families to reduce their consumption of packaged food for the month of November and make a stand against the billion-dollar food manufacturers that are making us sick.” – NPN website.

By joining this cause, we hope that can make a difference that positively impacts the environment as well as the health of our students.

For more information, head to https://www.nopacketnovember.com/.

Will you join us and go packet free in November?

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