Middle School

The Middle School presents an exciting time in the development of independent learners.

As students reach the Middle School, they work towards consolidation of their basic learning skills. This is a time of inquiry-based and applied learning. The appropriate use of technology is further developed through initiatives such as the iPads Program in Years 7 and 8. Students become more aware of their world and channel their interests into practical and collaborative learning.

This is a time when personal values and beliefs emerge and independent learning patterns are established. During these years students are challenged to develop responsibility, self-reliance and independence in their personal lives. Higher order thinking develops with teacher encouragement.

Opportunities for extra-curricular activities that challenge previous reliance on family are provided through camps, excursions and group projects which require commitment and accountability.

Electives are introduced as students begin to discern learning preferences. Students are encouraged to develop leadership and a sense of service to their community within the School and further afield.