Like a Dream

This year at Oakleigh Grammar, the Commemoration Day celebrations on the 28th October 1940 had a universal perspective. Unlike other years when it was dedicated to heroes and heroines, artists or writers who have honoured the 28th October 1940, this year it honoured mothers.

Mothers who are always anxious, mothers who don’t sleep and don’t rest, regardless of which side their children fight for. It was dedicated to the mothers whose children were soldiers. Middle and Senior School students Evangelia Starakis, Angelical Athanasakis and Yang Liu presented the play “Mothers of War”, where three mothers from different backgrounds get a letter from their son who is at war. The play was trilingual and really touched the audience.  

The Commemoration Day celebration event started by acknowledging some of our grandparents who were very young during the years of WWII, and continued with a great honour as we were privileged enough to host a veteran at our Grandparents High Tea. Mr Kostantinos Tsirivas, 97, when asked about his memories of the Front he answered, “It is like a dream”, a real and true expression of history, he sat and listened to the students singing Παιδιά της Ελλάδος παιδιά, while going down memory lane with the song Ο Σταμούλης ο Λοχίας.

Another important presentation came from the Year 9 students on their 2016 work about “War and Peace” which turned into a collection of poems. This collection looked at the notion of war from different perspectives, and was bilingual.

The celebration continued with dances and a plethora of Hymns from the Byzantine choir, as well as songs from students from Prep to Year 6. Our students performed their songs with pride and soon the audience joined in. The event concluded with Reverent Father George Adamakis’ blessing.


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