Library Opening – Student Reflection

In 2000, our library originated from humble beginnings; a small space which provided a foundation for today’s mile stone. 2001 marked the year of the library’s transfer to the current space. 16 years later and the drive for development and growth derived from Mr Robertson, staff and the Oakleigh grammar community set in motion the necessary plans and actions in order for today’s refurbished library we all appreciate and admire.

The Oakleigh Grammar library will not only provide students and staff with a wide array of resources and books, but enable a space which stimulates thought in a supportive environment.

The notable rooms at the back of the library provide a safe haven, for the Year 12s especially, when the noise of the common room proves too distracting. These two special rooms are equipped with circulated heating and air conditioning systems, sound proofing and state of the art projectors. The overall atmosphere of the library enables comfort and a pleasant space where students can go, not only to read and study, but to self-reflect on their resilience and long-term goals.

Spiro and I are exceptionally grateful for the new and refurbished Oakleigh Grammar library and on behalf of all students would like to thank the continuous effort by Mr Robertson and the Oakleigh Grammar community in the development of our school. 

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