International Students

Welcome from the Principal

OakleighGrammer829Oakleigh Grammar is a school that wholeheartedly embraces students from many different countries and cultures by cultivating a very unique, internationally minded learning community. In fact, parents often remark that the young people at our School are more like members of an extended family such is the individual care and attention they receive. We are confident that we provide a truly welcoming environment with opportunities for all students to achieve their personal best.

Our students have a range of VCE subjects to choose from, allowing them to focus on and thrive in their area of interest. Highly capable students may start VCE at Year 10, allowing them to accelerate their studies and boost their final ATAR score.

In addition to the range of VCE subjects, Oakleigh Grammar also offers a range of co-curricular opportunities, which broaden their friendship groups, social skills and global outlooks.

Oakleigh Grammar boasts state-of-the-art 21st century learning facilities. The newly renovated Science Wing provides the latest equipment and learning technology for our students to excel in science studies. Students develop the appropriate use of technology as a learning resource through initiatives such as iPad programs and multimedia projects.

At Oakleigh Grammar, we value each and every student. We offer a genuine commitment to ensure your child will be engaged through a range of contemporary learning programs. There is truly something for everyone and every effort is made to encourage student participation in activities and programs that are both authentic and meaningful.

We believe that supporting internationalism at our school is not only a true representation of Melbourne’s multiculturalism but a critical mindset for our young people to absorb as they move into a rapidly changing internationally-minded society.

Mr Mark Robertson


Why Choose Oakleigh Grammar?

21st Century facilities and technology

The newly renovated Science Wing provides the latest equipment and learning technology for our students to excel in science studies. Students develop the appropriate use of technology as a learning resource through initiatives such as iPad programs and multimedia projects.

Forward thinking careers program

Our Career Counsellor helps students find their true calling and assists them in securing a place at some of Melbourne’s top Universities. Students are kept up to date with University Open Days, information sessions and trial days so that the students can see the Universities for themselves and ensure they choose the right one for them.

Oakleigh Grammar hosts in-house careers expos, in which top Universities and specialist colleges and academies attend to provide students with detailed information on the right courses and pathways to secure the career they are striving for. Students also have access to free tickets to Melbourne’s Herald Sun and The Age Careers expos for students to gain access to these otherwise paid events.

A global perspective

Oakleigh Grammar honours its commitment to cultural diversity by providing countless opportunities for students to develop global citizenship. With over 25 different cultural backgrounds represented in the student body, we continue to add new celebrations to the School Calendar so that students can share their stories with peers through traditional customs, song, dance and cuisine. Travel abroad and cultural exchange programs allow students to enhance their intercultural Understanding in preparation for life in an increasingly global society.

International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme

The International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program allows students from Years 6 to 10 to become creative, reflective and critical thinkers. It develops their learning skills and provides excellent grounding and preparation for VCE.

Co-curricular enrichment

Students explore their interests and talents in the Visual and Performing Arts, Sport, Debating, Music Ensembles, Chess Club, Multimedia and social leadership initiatives such as the Student Representative Council and Peer Mediation.

Small class sizes

With a student population of around 550 from Prep to Year 12, our small class sizes allow teachers to recognise and cater to the individual learning styles of each student.


Students participate in Physical Education as a core subject and often continue into VCE studies. Oakleigh Grammar participates in several interschool sporting competitions in a range of sports. Facilities include a full gymnasium and multipurpose sports complex, rock climbing wall, outdoor futsal court and basketball/netball courts.


Camps are an excellent opportunity for students to build on their team work skills, build relationships and learn important lessons outside the classroom. They begin at an early age, and in the senior school, students venture to locations such as Mount Bulla and New Zealand.

Senior students are also given the opportunity to travel abroad as part of the International Tour; past destinations have included countries in Asia and Europe.

Learning Enhancement

Learning Enhancement Services exist to identify students who may require further assistance with areas of difficulty, or further challenge with areas of talent. Although Learning Enhancement aims to cater to each student’s needs within the classroom environment, various programs are offered to students to ensure that their individual needs are met.

‘9Ways’ for Year 9 Students

9Ways is a classroom and experiential learning program designed to meet the unique needs of Year 9 students as they approach early adulthood. The experiential component of 9Ways includes a series of themed experiences throughout the year such as Community Service, Outdoor Education and Cultural Diversity. Students are given ‘ownership’ of the 9Ways Centre which provides them with a social and collaborative learning space.

A nurturing community

Our School ensures that every child is known personally and places the utmost importance on student welfare and safety. Oakleigh Grammar is a multicultural environment with Christian values, where diversity is celebrated and inclusivity is encouraged.

The Senior Years

The senior years at Oakleigh Grammar start at Year 10, and academic success, responsible citizenship and student wellbeing are priorities. Responsibility for one’s own behaviour and learning become more important as students consolidate their learning styles and identify their strengths and challenges.

As young citizens of a complex and demanding global community, they are encouraged to view problems as opportunities for growth.

The Careers Department assists students in shaping their final years of secondary study to compliment their career ambitions. Senior School students may choose to undertake extension studies and capable Year 10s can include VCE units in their study programs.

Monash Scholars Program

Each year, selected schools are invited by Monash University to nominate three Year 10 students to participate in the Monash Scholars Program. Students are chosen because of their academic ability, leadership qualities and contribution to school and community life. The Monash Scholars Program helps students to develop and excel both academically and personally. The benefits of the program include:

  • Enhanced learning: study assistance, exam preparation and specific subject revision, and potential enrolment in the Monash extension program, which allows students to study two university subjects during Year 12
  • Career advice and development of leadership skills
  • Opportunity to explore passions that lie outside career ambitions
  • Network building

Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)

Oakleigh Grammar offers approximately 20 different studies from which to select a VCE program. These come from English, Arts, Humanities, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Languages, Health and Physical Education.

VCE subjects offered:

  • Accounting
  • History
  • Biology
  • Information Tech. & App.
  • Business Management
  • Legal Studies
  • Chemistry LOTE (Greek)
  • Drama
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Economics
  • Physical Education
  • English
  • Physics
  • English as an Additional Language
  • Product Design & Tech.
  • Food and Technology
  • Psychology
  • Foundation Mathematics
  • Software Development
  • Further Mathematics
  • Specialist Mathematics
  • General Mathematics
  • Studio Arts
  • Health and Human Development
  • Visual Communication & Design



Many opportunities exist for Senior students to assume role model positions as School and House Leaders, Student Representative Council Leaders, Year Level Representatives, and captains of sporting and debating teams. As a cohort, all Senior students are encouraged to demonstrate leadership qualities and set positive examples for the rest of the School. The Principal consults School Leaders on matters concerning School governance and they are given roles during visits from politicians and community leaders.

Camps and International Tour

In addition to various extracurricular excursions, all Senior School students participate in at least one camp each year. Destinations have included outdoor adventure camps at Blairgowrie and Phillip Island as well as ski trips to Mount Bulla and New Zealand. Senior students are given the opportunity to travel abroad as part of the International Tour; past destinations have included countries in Asia and Europe.

Commencing Schooling at Oakleigh Grammar

Learning English

As Oakleigh Grammar has a small number of Chinese speaking students, international students are able to practise their English speaking skills through full immersion, which is often the best way to practise a language.

Our school is committed to supporting and integrating our students who speak English as an Additional or other Language into meaningful learning programs through English-medium approaches. It is important for these students, both educationally and emotionally, that we integrate them into our learning community and that we interact with them meaningfully and often.

The goals for students learning English as an Additional language are the same as those of their English-speaking peers. However, the way that they reach these goals can be different. These students require additional English language support, extra time to complete activities, support and varied exposure to English in a range of contexts before traditional assessment is entirely appropriate.


Student Wellbeing

Oakleigh Grammar Staff prioritise the happiness of our students. A robust, stimulating curriculum and strong pastoral care ensures that our students are given the means to succeed in their social and learning environments at School.

The School Counsellor is available to all students who require assistance with emotional difficulties, and our pastoral leaders offer on-going guidance and support to students.

A well-equipped First Aid Office is available to Staff and students during school hours.

Peer Mediation

A Peer Mediation team, consisting of peer-nominated student leaders, exists to support children who may be having difficulties socially. They assist in solving friendship conflicts and restoring harmony to the playground.



Before starting at Oakleigh Grammar

Students who are studying at a language centre in Melbourne are contacted a month prior to commencing at Oakleigh Grammar.  A time is arranged with their language school or guardian for the student to come to the School for half a day. During this time they are given a tour of the School. They will also meet with the Head of Senior School so they can choose their subjects. Once the student’s timetable has been finalised the School will also assist the student with the ordering of text books and uniform.

On the student’s first day at School

The student will meet with the International Student Coordinator (ISC) who will introduce the student to their student buddy and the current student leaders. The ISC will provide information about living in Melbourne. Information about the various facilities, service and resources provided by the school will be explained to the student. These will include the First Aid Officer, the School Librarian and key administration staff. The student will also meet the Careers Counsellor for an introductory session.

The school bus and/or the public transport system will be explained to the student as well as a familiarisation of the local Oakleigh area.

The International Student Orientation Program is designed to assist in settling the student into the school routine, in getting to know a number of Australian students and in becoming aware of important information about living in Australia and about living in Melbourne, in particular.

Any issues or difficulties for the student can be discussed with the staff at the Orientation Program.

Admission Process

Steps to Admission

Each application for admission received by the School must include:

  • The Oakleigh Grammar Application for admission form (download here) signed by a parent/guardian
  • School report for the applicant from the most recent 2 year period
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport
  • A recent photo of the applicant

Admission Process

  • Student sits for AEAS test
  • Student submits their application form and supporting documentation
  • Oakleigh Grammar reviews the application and, if appropriate, offers the student a place through written agreement
  • Parents accept offer by signing the agreement and returning it to Oakleigh Grammar, then paying a semester’s fees and any other fees as required

Applications are assessed by the Oakleigh Grammar staff according to the following requirements:

Academic requirements: Students must show that they have been consistent in their academic studies over a two (2) year period. As a general guide, students studying English as an additional Language should be achieving a 75% average. Students should average 70% in all other subjects. It is important that parents and students understand the need for high level English schools especially when entering the senior levels in all subject areas.

English requirements: After the Application of Enrolment detailed above is completed and submitted and before a place will be considered, all students from a Non English Speaking Background (NESB) seeking a place at Oakleigh Grammar must be tested by Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS). The AEAS Assessment has been specifically developed for international Primary and Secondary school students wishing to study in Australia. The AEAS Assessment includes English Language Proficiency (2 hours), Mathematical Reasoning Ability (30-45 minutes) and Non-Verbal General Ability (30 minutes approximately). The English Language Proficiency test includes vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing skills, listening skills and speaking skills. The test for Mathematical Reasoning Ability is a multiple choice test and is designed to test a student’s understanding of mathematical principles and ideas. The test administrator is able to give instructions in the student’s primary language and if a question involves terms or symbols which the student is not familiar with, they will be explained in sufficient detail to enable the student to answer the question. The test for Non-Verbal General Ability is a multiple choice test free of language. The test administrator is able to give the instructions in the student’s primary language. It is a non-verbal reasoning test that provides an indication of the student’s general ability level and provides a measure which is independent of learning in specific school subjects. Test items involve analysing the sequence of an abstract pattern and selecting the next pattern in the sequence from four or five possible answers. Students should apply the same principles to all questions in this test. The AEAS test provides an educational profile on each student and it must be stressed that a student’s level of English Language ability is a major factor in determining whether a place can be offered at Oakleigh Grammar.

It is the responsibility of parents/students to contact the appropriate representative to make arrangements to sit the Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) test. The cost of this assessment, which is payable by the parent or student directly to AEAS, is approximately $450 AUD. Information on how to apply and the test fee can be found at Completed test papers are forwarded by the representatives to Melbourne, Australia for marking. AEAS will forward a completed assessment report to Oakleigh Grammar, the parents and overseas representative. Upon receipt of the report, Oakleigh Grammar will advise the student through the appropriate representative, of the result of their application.

English proficiency: The Offer of a place at Oakleigh Grammar is conditional on the AEAS test results and recommendations. Students who are required to undertake an intensive English language course as indicated by AEAS must do so prior to commencement at Oakleigh Grammar and must obtain the following standards:

  • Years 9 & 10 – ELTS Band 4 and above
  • Years 11 & 12 – ELTS Band 5

Students who do not reach this level of English will be required to attend further English studies prior to commencing their mainstream classes.

If a student’s application is successful, the School will forward a Letter of Offer and Written Agreement to the student, via the referring agent.


View the English version of our prospectus below:


Download the English Version

View the Chinese (Mandarin) version of our Prospectus below:


Download the Chinese (Mandarin) Version

International Student Fees

The fees for international students are as follows.

A one-time registration fee of AUD $300 (non-refundable).

A family admission fee of AUD $500 (non-refundable).

The annual tuition fee for students in Years 9-12 in 2017 is AUD $22,800. This amount includes the student’s text books.

Agent Listing

Aus-Asia International Education Alliance  Contact: Sonny Zhang

Zhixin Study Contact: Cissy Li

BMJ International Group Contact: Shu

China Liuxuecity Contact: Kevin Liu

GZL International Consultants Contact: Lillian He

Ausroad Education & Immigration Contact: Queenie Zhou

Austar Group Contact: Tori Shi

Hwait International Contact: Nelson Ni

VS Migration Contact: Samphas Lim

CETA Worldwide Education (Thailand ) Contact: Pat


Guardian service:

CETA Guardianship (contact Zoe Wang,

ISA Contact Ivan Mckinney:

Melbourne Migration & Education Center: Contact Sarah Cheng

GRU Student Centre: Suite 385, 585 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 | (03) 8597 3046


Homestay Service:

CETA Homestay Services:

Study Tours

Oakleigh Grammar is committed to cultural diversity and offers the opportunity for short-term study tours.

For more information, contact Hannah Peace, Study Tour Coordinator at

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