Improving Your Communication Skills

Looking for a fast way to improve your business or skills may seem like a difficult task, but it really can be as simple as looking at how you communicate with people, and working on how you can improve it.

Firstly, check in with your internal filter, and use your judgement to decide what can be left unsaid. Reflect on your intention, then make a choice if you’re in the right place and delivering news at the right time.

Body language says it all. Make sure you’re holding eye contact with the other person in the conversation, and nod in order to let the other person know that you understand what they’re trying to convey, or alternatively ask questions when they’re finished speaking. This may seem like common sense, but even diverting your eyes to a screen can be conveyed as rude.

Proofread your work. Basic spelling errors can dilute the impact of your message on a digital platform such as e-mail. If necessary, ask a colleague to read your e-mail before you hit send.

Run meetings with a clear agenda and a dedicated facilitator. This will ensure that meetings run on time, all the important topics are covered, and all questions answered, leading to a more productive team.

Let people in on the plan. There’s nothing worse than a secretive boss, tell your employees what’s happening with the business and this will ensure their loyalty moving forward.

Participation is key. Speaking up to make sure your thoughts are heard is pivotal if you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder. Active listening is just as important to ensure you understand the task and its correlating expectations.

Use these points as homework and see if you notice a difference with your colleagues!