Humans of Oakleigh Grammar – 2018 School Captains

We sat down with Oakleigh Grammar’s 2018 School Captains, Eva Demirgelis and Tomas Smith and spoke to them about what the role means to them, and their plans for next year.

Their captaincy was announced last night at the 2017 Middle & Senior School Awards Evening, and the pair were glowing with excitement about this outstanding achievement.


Congratulations on being elected as the 2018 School Captains! What does this honour mean to you?
EVA: It means that we can give back to the school after all they have done for us. We can take pride in our positions and set an example for our younger peers so that they can have somebody to look up to.

TOMAS: Not just that, but also outside of school we can represent the school to the wider community.


What do you hope to achieve next year as School Captains?
E: We hope to have support from the rest of the school, and also to be approachable and friendly with everyone.

T: We want to help other students with whatever they need.


What is your vision for Oakleigh Grammar in 2018?
E: To expand even more within the student body and continue to become more multicultural.

T: To become more diverse and just grow as a whole.


How would you describe your leadership style?
T: I’m very consultative.

E: We’re both very organised. We like to keep on top of things and not leave things until the last minute. Also setting an example by being responsible not only at school but outside of school as well, making sure we have a good reputation.

T: So that we’re viewed as the leaders of the school.


What do you believe is the most important quality of a leader?
T: Respect.

E: Yes respect and pride.


How do you plan to balance your leadership duties with your Year 12 study?
T: I have a timetable planner and I plan everything about two or three weeks in advance so that I know what I’m doing, and so that if I have any overlaps I can move things around.

E: Definitely make sure that everything fits in together, and also using our free periods wisely so that we can get things done whether it’s for our role as School Captain, or for our school work.

T: Also making sure our weekends are free if we have anything on for our role- so if we have to go to events we are available.

E: Yes and make sure we prioritise those events before anything else.


What is your passion?
E: My passion is Greek. I love Greek so much, and I’m so upset that I finished it in Year 11! I would even love to teach Greek in the future.

T: My passion is Military History.


What career path do you want to take?
T: Academia (research).

E: I was leaning towards teaching Greek or maybe Business or Psychology.


What dreams do you have for the future?
E: Family at some point.

T: Yeah, definitely!

E: And also to be happy and in good health.


How do you think being School Captains will assist you with your career aspirations and your dreams?
T: It basically says to any future employer that this person has achieved a leadership role of a high position and that in the future they can use that to their advantage and be a leader where they work.

E: It also shows responsibility.

T: Yes which is sought after by many employers.


What drives/motivates you?
T: For me it would be a drive to succeed and do well. Because at the end of the day I want to do well which is a key motivator for me.

E: Yes I agree with that completely!


What are some challenges that you have faced so far in your schooling?
E: Sometimes falling behind in some subjects and then having to speed it up and rush through my work- which I don’t want to do in Year 12! I want to make sure I stay on top of every subject.

T: Balancing friends with school work!


How do you think those challenges have helped you? Did you learn anything?
T: You just have to have good time management skills. There is a time and a place for everything.

E: You find sometimes that you have to choose your homework, for example, over going out with friends and it may be difficult at the time but then it helps you in the future.


Do you have any advice for your peers as you commence the journey that is Year 12 together?
T: We’re all in this journey together. So no matter how tough it gets, we are all in this together.

E: Always just try your best and give it everything.


To conclude the interview, the pair expressed their desire to fulfil their roles and be good School Captains who are respected and approachable.

We wish them all the very best with their new appointment, and with their studies.

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