How to Maximise Productivity

Making the most out of the time we’ve got can be tricky. Procrastination sets in and then you’re down for the count. Here are some great tips for busting your procrastination blues:

Set deadlines. Whether they’re artificial or enforced, deadlines are an important factor that keeps us accountable.

Set your intentions. Doing the task you want to do the least on your list first is important. Whether it will take the longest, or it’s the most tedious, or you just can’t be bothered…doing that job first will make you feel better about what’s left!

Combat distractions. While your smart phone is sitting there being a tantalizing seductress, you need to put it down and concentrate on the task at hand. If you’re at work, pop it in your bag, or out of sight so it’s off your mind.

Take consistent breaks. The Pomodoro technique recommends working in four lots of 25 minute stints with short breaks in between, and a longer break after completing four sections. This gives you the opportunity to complete tasks at a faster rate and with more accuracy, as your mind is able to concentrate wholly on the here and now.

Now you’ve got the right tools to go out and conquer your day. Set up external accountability if need be, and cross those items off your list!