Harvard University Reflection


OakleighGrammer829Recently, I had the privilege of attending Harvard University as part of the Future of Learning [FOL] Project Zero summer course initiative.  I love culture that creates the opportunity for deep thinking and reflection and Harvard provided that very cultural opportunity.

I am grateful to the Board of Management of Oakleigh Grammar for supporting my participation at this prestigious educational institution in the Future of Learning – an area of passion for me and my Leadership team as demonstrated within our newly created strategic plan and endorsement of our School theme this year as ‘Learning that Matters’.  I wish to acknowledge Independent Schools Victoria for facilitating this opportunity for myself and nine other Victorian Independent School Principals.

Significant discussion with some of the worlds most reputable educational researchers including Howard Gardner and David Perkins was a highlight for me. I am passionate about enabling Learning in a School setting to be meaningful and enriching.  Moreover, the provision of celebration of effort and achievement within our Schools is rewarding for our students and staff who contribute to this notion of Learning that Matters for our  educational communities.

Inspiration can be drawn from many places and times and the Harvard Future of Learning course  certainly allowed the creative juices to flow.  Key discussion was centered around many ideas brought up by  participants  which provided for me reflection on such things as:  Effective Modelling, Global Citizenship, Technology supporting learning that matters, Fear vs. Hope, Opening Doors of opportunity, Human spirit and the whole notion of Humanity in an educational context.

I know that my School community will benefit from my participation at the Harvard University Future of Learning course and I heartily recommend this experience for my  colleagues who are leaders within their Schools and to School Governors/ Trustees  who are empowered to approve such opportunities for their valued School leaders.


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