Regularly practising gratitude can have many positive effects on your general happiness. Taking a moment to stop and appreciate even the smallest things in life, such as a delicious meal you had for dinner last night, or a special moment with a loved one, helps maintain a positive mindset.

Here are three ways you can express gratitude every single day.

Write it down
Every day, take a moment to note down three things you’re grateful for. You don’t have to think too hard and they don’t have to be too in-depth. They can be as simple as you appreciate the warmth of your bed on a cold winter’s morning. No matter what you’re grateful for, write it down. It helps cement that feeling of appreciation and it’s something nice to go back and read later on.

Express it
Did someone do something nice for you? Or perhaps they contributed to your work or university project in an effective way. Tell them! Saying ‘thank-you’ and showing your appreciation to someone else not only makes them feel good, but once again it reinforces that positive feeling of gratitude.

Pay it forward
If someone or something has made you happy, paying it forward and contributing to someone else’s happiness is a brilliant way to express gratitude. Maybe your partner made you breakfast in bed, or your friend provided a listening ear in a time of need, or an acquaintance congratulated or complimented you. Perhaps a particular item or activity contributed to your happiness. Share that with someone else – whether it be returning the favour to your partner or friend, paying an acquaintance a compliment or gifting the item or activity to someone you believe needs a smile.

If we all took the time to make even the smallest positive difference in someone else’s life, we’d all be that much happier.

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