First-Round Offers for all!

First-Round Offers for all!

Oakleigh Grammar VTAC students beaming as 100% receive first round offers.

Oakleigh Grammar is pleased to announce that 100% of all students who completed their VTAC registration received first round offers earlier this week. The most popular university was Monash University with Deakin University and RMIT coming in a close second and third.

86.1% of VTAC students received an offer for their first or second preference, which goes to show that hard work and determination pays off. Furthermore, 94.5% of the offers received were from Universities.

The class of 2016 will be completing their tertiary education at some of Victoria’s top Universities, including Monash University, Deakin University, RMIT, ACU and Victoria University. The most popular course category was Science/Engineering, with some students opting to pursue Biomedical and Health Sciences. Other courses of choice included ICT/Game Development, Business/Justice, Design and Arts.


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