ELC – How the World Works

This week our little ones in the ELC have been discovering how the world works, thinking sustainably about our community.

They explored the relationships in the solar system and how they affect the sun and the earth, as well as countries and people all over the world. Many of the children shared their experiences of travel, and loved linking these stories with the solar system.

Delving into darkness, the students came to The Night Kinder on the 16th August, to experience the changes that happen from day to night.

The kids came to kinder from 1pm to 7pm, and were able to make comparisons of what their classroom was like during the day compared to at night. They also experimented with shadows outside in the playground, and related them back to the position of the sun while the earth turns.

Children were provided with a variety of special activities such as moon sand, fluorescent painting, decorating candle holders, black and white play dough, and were also treated to a lovely dinner prepared and provided by our teachers and families.

The night session was a collaborative experience between both groups of children. They were able to experience one another’s classrooms at night, and all the activities on offer. Some of their thoughts are featured below!

Keanu: We wore our pyjamas. We used our torch for the treasure hunt so we could see at night time.

Shanya: We first came in day time then it turned into night time.

Ioannis: It was different because there was no sun.

Raphaela: I wore my pyjamas, I normally wear my school uniform.

Shreya: We had rest time on the mat and I popped the bubbles.

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