ELC – Celebrating Father’s Day

On Monday 28th August, our ELC students invited their dads into the classroom to celebrate an early Father’s Day!

The students made wonderful neckties for their dads to take home, and performed their favourite song.

The dads enjoyed the different learning activities in the room such as pasting, puzzles, Lego, colour sorting and building with blocks.

When children witness positive interactions between the parents and educators, they develop a sense of belonging within that environment.

We asked the children why they think they love their daddy? They’re responses are as adorable as you’d expect!

Katerina – He lets me eat chocolate after school

Ava – Because he loves hugging me

Gisele – Because I give daddy lots of kisses

Thomas – Because he takes me to the park and he helps me down the pole

Ahana – He lifts me in the air

Ricky – He plays with me

Theo – We do funny stuff

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