Assisted & Accelerated Learning

At Oakleigh Grammar, we treat every child as an individual learner with differing strengths and challenges.

Through regular assessment and careful diagnosis, we identify students who have gaps in their learning journey and embark on the best path forward to address these challenges. Similarly, students who exhibit giftedness are identified and provided with extension opportunities and higher order challenges.

We acknowledge that all children need to achieve at their optimum in order to remain engaged.

We believe it is essential that our “safety-net” identifies students who need extra learning support, particularly in numeracy and literacy. Gifted students require more than ‘extra work’ – our responsibility to them is to set the academic bar higher and to encourage mastery.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support Services (LSS) provide intervention for any student whose needs are not met through everyday provisions in the classroom. It aims to give necessary support and enrichment for students identified as possibly benefiting from individualised learning programs.

LSS co-ordinate support programs so that every student is treated as an individual. In the classroom, the LSS supports generalist teachers in recognising learning styles amongst all students. The LSS supports teachers in their understandings and approaches to individualisation in learning.


Students exhibiting strong general abilities, high levels of creative, social and emotional intelligence, and who do well on key assessment measures may be identified and selected to participate in the Mindlinks program and receive additional enrichment with our Accelerated Studies Teacher. Students either work in small groups with other “like-minded” students or receive additional enrichment during class time with the Accelerated Studies Teacher for approximately one period per week.

This program works to develop a number of abilities including:

  • High order thinking
  • Methods of inquiry
  • Evidence and reasoning
  • Problem solving skills
  • Personal autonomy skills
  • Metacognotive strategies
  • Analytical, critical and creative thinking skills
  • Independent research strategies

Wise Ones

Oakleigh Grammar Junior School contracts the services of Wise Ones, a widely recognised and accredited body, dedicated to providing extension programs. Its aims are to provide further intellectual and social stimulation for the child to channel their cleverness towards more wisdom. As this service is outside the standard curriculum, the cost is passed on to participating families.