Conditions of Enrolment

  1. The School reserve the right to refuse an application for enrolment without providing any reason.
  2. The School reserve the right to cancel the proposed enrolment of a student should it be determined that we are not able to meet the specific needs of the student.
  3. All students are required to attend an interview with the Head of School or the Principal’s delegate prior to commencement. This is to ensure that, as far as possible, those who are accepted are likely to benefit from the courses and programs provided.
  4. The schedule of current fees and business regulations, as included herein, are accepted in their entirety.
  5. Charges, in addition to the published fees may be incurred if students are required to attend camps, special activities, functions or services not completely covered by Government funding or school fees.
  6. Students may not be permitted to return to the School or the Early Learning Centre while any part of a fee instalment is in arrears.
  7. A minimum of an academic term’s notice in writing to the School Principal must be given before the removal of a student from the School, otherwise the School reserves the right to withhold fees or charge the fees for that term.
  8. Fees are subject to increase at any time without notice.
  9. A pro rata charge is made for new students entering the School for the first time after a term has commenced. If a student leaves during a term without giving the required notice, no refund will be made for the remaining portion of that fee installment.
  10. Photographs
    Please note that photographs of students may, from time to time, be included in newsletters, magazines and other routine promotional materials.
    If for any reason you do not wish your son or daughter’s name or photo to be used in these publications, please notify the School of this in writing.
  11. Student Support Services
    It is our practice that unless otherwise requested by parents, students may self-refer to any of the School’s support services including chaplaincy and counselling (with a registered psychologist.)
  12. It is a condition upon enrolment of the student, that the parents on their own behalf and on behalf of the student, agree to abide by the School rules. Parents acknowledge that they are aware of the content of the rules. The School, through the School Principal, retain the right to suspend or dismiss any student from the School, or otherwise discipline the student, on the grounds of the student’s unsatisfactory conduct or performance, or failure to observe any rule. A student dismissed for breaches of conduct will not be entitled to a refund.
  13. Parents are responsible for payment for avoidable breakages or damage to School and Early Learning Centre property by a student. Items such as: computers, Library books & resources, specialist equipment and tools etc. are included.
  14. Parents who wish to insure their children for accidental injury that may occur at Oakleigh Grammar, or as a result of curricular or extra-curricular activities, may undertake this privately. The School does, however, insure students under a general policy, resulting in a blanket cover for all students. Parents requiring more information or details in relation to the cover provided, may obtain these details from the School Bursar.