Civics and Citizenship – Year 4 Lawyer Visit

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This week our Year 4 class was lucky enough to receive a visit from a lawyer! Didi’s Mum, Mary Ballies came in to talk to the students about how laws are made, and how the justice system works as part of our Civics and Citizenship section of the curriculum.

Students were involved in a mock trial with a judge and jury, and were asked to prosecute a criminal who had been accused of stealing money from a bank.

We thank Mary for taking the time to come and visit us, the students thoroughly enjoyed discovering new things about the law!

“I thought it was very interesting learning about the court, judge and jury. There are 12 jurors. Some cases can be short and some can go for months. There are many different areas of law, I am very interested in criminal law.” – Liani 4MA

“I learnt that the maximum sentence is life in prison. This is for very serious crimes. I would like to be a lawyer when I leave school because I like to solve problems and want to keep our community safe.” – Austin 4MA


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