Benefits of School Camps

Benefits of School Camps


Improved social skills is one of the bonuses of attending School Camp. Children need to interact with each other in different settings and different environments to help improve their social skills. Spending 8 hours a day at school is one thing but eating meals together, traveling together and sharing accommodation together teaches children the worth of working together and treating others with respect.  One of the most important life lessons is the ability to interact with others well. In a family this can be taught to a degree but experience in big groups for extended periods of time is a great way to learn and practice these skills.

Away From Family

A family normally has a set way to do things – dinner time, social interaction, bed times etc. Breaking out of that family environment for a short period of time teaches children about the diversity of others and gives them insights into how to do some things differently.  Who knows, having to fend for themselves in a safe, organised environment for a couple of days may also give a child a much better appreciation for their home and family.


No longer confined by the classroom teachers can now teach in new and innovative ways at a school camp. School camps may sound like a good way for the teachers and students to have a break but the reality is there is a lot more educational time spent on camps.


It is so important for your child to occasionally break the bonds of a family group to build their independence and ability to operate on their own or with different people. A school camp places your child in a position where they have to have a greater degree of how their days unfold. For example what shall I wear, how much can I eat, when should I brush my teeth are decisions some children have never made on their own. A school camp will look after your child but also allow them a slightly greater independence that they may not be used to. This is a great learning experience.

Head of Junior School

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