Appointment of Deputy Principal – Operations 2018

Appointment of Deputy Principal – Operations 2018

Over recent years we have seen significant growth in our enrolment due to contemporary, unique and proven educational programs which have been introduced to the School during this time. Due to our enrolment growth the Board and Management of the School have been considering expansion strategies relating to both staff and facilities.

In order to strengthen our Executive Management of the School I am delighted to announce the appointment of an additional Deputy Principal who will focus on the key operations of the School.  Mr Peter Dickinson who over the past eight years has been Head of the Glen Waverley Campus of Wesley College will join us at the commencement of the 2018 school year.  Mr Dickinson has achieved considerable success in his leadership role at Wesley College and I am confident he will make an equally valuable contribution to Oakleigh Grammar.  It is clear he has passion for education and his values of inclusivity, diversity and holistic development of each child is strongly aligned to the values of Oakleigh Grammar.

Our current Deputy Principal, Mr Peter Cummins will continue to focus on strengthening Teaching and Learning in all learning phases of our School which reflects his passion in education.

I trust you will join me in welcoming Mr Dickinson to our School Community at the commencement of next year.

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