Student Leadership

Oakleigh Grammar encourages the development of leadership in all students, who are expected to present themselves and the School to the wider community in the best possible ways, and to be models for younger students.

A special feature of leadership development at Oakleigh Grammar begins in the Early Years. The children follow the program “The Leader in Me” which is based on “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey.

Throughout the School there are various Leadership opportunities for students who are interested in contributing in a more active way to the well-being of their fellow students.

The Students’ Representative Council provides a voice for the student body. Representatives from year levels meet with the SRC Coordinator to contribute to the leadership of the School. They serve by expressing needs and ideas for the welfare of all students. They develop leadership skills and knowledge whilst working for the betterment of others.

In Year 12 there are two School Captains who also work with the SRC. A boy and a girl from Year 11 are chosen by their colleagues and teachers to lead the College for the following year. They represent the School at various functions and initiate events for students. They establish relationships with students at every year level and represent student ideas and concerns to staff.

The Model United Nations Assembly and the Youth Forums are opportunities for the School leaders to represent the School at external events.

The Debating/Public Speaking Program is another area which develops leadership. It is a House based event and students from each house are selected to debate current issues. In recent times students have visited the Legislative Assembly in State Parliament House to debate.