Oakleigh Grammar started from humble beginnings in the early 1980’s when an increased demand for secondary education emerged in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs.

Leaders of the Oakleigh Greek Orthodox Community, headed by the late Father Nicholas Moutafis, decided to establish a school that would provide local families with an option closer to home that integrated Greek language, culture and orthodoxy into students’ learning.

At the time, around 41 percent of Oakleigh residents were of Greek heritage, making Oakleigh Grammar (previously known as Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College) an ideal choice for many families in the area.

In 1983 the School began as a primary to Year 8 institution and grew until it was able to provide full secondary years. In 1999 the School and Community purchased the Child Care Centre adjoining the property and the School was able to offer a complete education to families.

In recent decades, suburban growth and migration have seen Oakleigh and the City of Monash flourish into a vibrant multicultural pocket of Melbourne.

In 2011, the School’s Board of Management recognised the need to revise the values and offerings of Oakleigh Grammar to cater to an increasingly diverse local population. It was at this time that Mr Mark Robertson was appointed as School Principal to head the transition from Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College to Oakleigh Grammar – a School that would welcome cultural diversity and provide excellent facilities and resources to ensure quality learning opportunities for every student to reach their full potential.

On January 1, 2012 Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College officially changed its name to Oakleigh Grammar. The new name reflects our School’s current emphasis on providing an international and contemporary education.

While our commitment to honoring Hellenic Culture and Orthodox Christian values remains strong, Oakleigh Grammar is evolving to meet the current needs of its community. We welcome people of all faiths and nationalities and are creating a rich, diverse, integrated, educational environment that prepares our students to be positive, contributing citizens for tomorrow.

Oakleigh Grammar now boasts state-of-the-art learning facilities and technology, including a newly refurbished Science Wing to meet 21st Century standards.

Our student population consists of more than 22 different nationalities, and we regularly add new cultural celebrations to our School Calendar.