The 9ways programme is an experiential learning programme designed to specifically meet the unique needs of Year 9 students. 9ways provides a wide range of experiential learning opportunities but acknowledges individual learning difference within the year level.

The programme aims to complement and enhance the usual classroom programme and to link classroom learning to experience. Together with a robust classroom programme and 9ways, our students have the opportunity to become wise, competent and capable contributing members of our society and the world at large.


The Arts

The City

Rural Life


University Life

Cultural Diversity

Outdoor Adventure

Health, Fitness & Well-being

The experiential programme comprises a series of themed events and experiences which are of various duration, from 1 day to 1 week. These events are spread throughout the year and when they occur the classroom programme is collapsed for all year 9 students.

Active Inquirers

Knowledgeable and Understanding

Critical, Creative, Spiritual, Reflective

Effective Communicators


Open Minded


Risk Takers