5 Networking Tips to help you get ahead

5 Networking Tips to help you get ahead

Develop your Elevator Pitch
An Elevator Pitch is a succinct and persuasive sales pitch – in this case you’re selling your abilities and skills to potential employers or contractors. Developing the pitch is simple. Keep it short (no more than 30 seconds), and include your key skills and unique differences that set you apart from other competitors. Make sure you don’t memorise it word for word as you don’t want it to sound rehearsed. Just remember they key points you want to get across.

Attend Alumni Events at your old school
These events are perfect for networking. Whether the events are specifically for your graduating year or for multiple years, Alumni Events are a great place to meet people that may help you advance your career or business. Everybody at the event has something in common – you all went to the same school – so striking up a conversation is easy. You can simply ask ‘what year did you graduate?’ or ‘what have you been up to since you left the school?’ and the conversation will flow from there.

Stay in touch with your school
Quite often the best source of industry contacts are within your school community. It may be as simple as staying in touch with a teacher that taught a particular subject that you want to pursue, or signing up for the Alumni newsletter and keeping an eye out for job or business opportunities that may be published. It might even mean connecting with old staff or students on LinkedIn.

Take advantage of LinkedIn
Speaking of LinkedIn, what a brilliant place for networking! You can find connections from your Alma Mater, university, the industry you’re interested in pursuing and more! You can also join industry groups and gain connections and insights relevant to your areas of interest. Make sure you keep your LinkedIn profile up to date – it’s essentially your digital resume and quite often potential employers may look you up on the site before or after a job interview.

Leverage Facebook
There is a group and a page for absolutely everything you can imagine on Facebook. While at times it can be unprofessional and full of insignificant (see: useless / time-wasting) articles and graphics, there are a number of really useful resources shared every single day on the platform. Join your school’s Alumni Facebook group, join industry related groups that interest you, and ‘like’ pages on the site that share relevant and helpful articles so that you can stay informed and gain knowledge that will come in handy when striking up a conversation with a potential employer.

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